catchoo and company’s original and cute warm fuzzies are the best way to warm your heart. warm fuzzies are visual trinkets of love that make humans feel good inside and out! 

spread the word, spread the love! 

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oh yes, i do. if you can share this warm fuzzy with someone special, consider yourself a lucky little critter. 

hockey season

the friends inside my head have started to play hockey. 
do you love hockey too?

girl and her monster

whether her monster has been good or bad she still loves him anyway. here is a my little drawing on representing the things we love and hate. little monsters in our lives that can be nasty at times but so friggin cute that it softens and warms any aching heart.

Dream on cutie pie!

let your dreams drift and EXPAND as soon as you close your eyes. 


just spreading a little love over the holiday season and hope that y'all are having a merry, sweet and a joyful holidays!

a summer and stripy warm fuzzy!

here is a mid-summer cool treat for you! summer days are whizzing by quickly but not without licking many popsicles, icy treats and dips into the pool. what would you do for a lovely mini icy treat that looked like my stripy friend? slurp!

1, 2, 3, FANTASTIC!

it's fabulous... it's a fantastic warm fuzzy this week! 

see-through warm fuzzy

i can see right through you! even though you’re sweet and cute, you’ve got bugs in your belly! i can see that your heart is in the right place and your insides probably smell like flowers. are you screaming or are you hungry? bring out your friends, it’s mighty fine to chill out on an ancient embroidered curtain from china. (c.1830)

catchoo loves you!

awesome brilliant beautiful!

is exactly what you are.

bunny beige & silly snail

little bunny beige, you are sweet, swift, fluffy, warm and fuzzy. 
your bite-sized comrade is slimy, silly, hard and slow but together you share many joys in the catchoo woodlands. 


zoom zoom zoom, my heart goes kaboom!

here is the mish-mash way to have fun on an imaginary shelf in the secret room of the secret castle hidden in a magical forest in the republic of catchoo.

feed me LOVE!

i want to eat up all the love you give me or at least give me heart-shaped candy! i love you! i love you! i love you!

creature camouflage!

it takes a little bit of cuteness, creativity, curiosity and craftiness to stand out from the crowd. you are special, yes you are!


你 好 跑 包!
(hello running package!)
PAO BAO literally translates from mandarin to english as RUNNING PACKAGE. JIN is the little black spider running partner and lucky charm which translates to GOLD in english. P.B. & J is a winning combination and winning gold all the time! 

AHHH....  a truly HAPPY FLOWER! it's time to grow, be bright and be happy! his needs are simple and to have a happy life he only needs sunshine, water, love and you!

land in the air

being playful under the blue moon!
delight and whimsy in the catchoo woodlands. 

she is sooooo good for you!! sweet and loving, she can make you smile with her whimsical ways. naturally crafty, artistic and smart she can always create something out of nothing.

overflow with hope

inspired by an uplifting song called "may the god of hope" by greg kay. filler up with joy, peace and HOPE! 

this is tao

goodness, sweetness and all that is warm, fuzzy and fancy!

she represents love, life, care, companionship, comfort and present awareness.



love MU!

here is a butterfly for you. MU's heart is on the line. love me! love me! love you! mu does not believe in flirting. he is a straight up character and tells no lies. he just wants your love and to make you smile.  


do you feel like this little guy in the water when you are happy? is this your kinda happy? 

inspired by pharrell williams' grammmy award winning song.

caught day dreaming!

you may say i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one. quoted by john lennon in his song imagine.

what if i fall? oh, but my darling what if you fly?

darling little catchoo monster flying through the clouds! 
this is an inspirational quote by erin hanson. 

happy work week

zip-a-dee-do-dah-zip-a-dee-ay! quote from a song on the film song of the south.

there is no way you can look at this or say this out loud and still have a grumpy face! perhaps every work place should have a huge zip-a-dee-do-dah-zip-a-dee-ay mural on their wall!

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