cute & colourful

i’ve fallen in love with a french illustrator whose work is so colourful and has such a nostalgic feel to it. his works are so inspiring and vibrant. marc boutavant comes from burgundy and now works in paris and has done illustrations for various businesses and children’s books. have you seen his works before? have you seen this pink furry monster before? i have not….. found on heart artists agency

i would like to read this story of edmond, it looks like a fun book for children! cover of this book found on livres et merveilles. and a little peek into the book....

this is an illustration for a train puzzle that when put together is 6 feet long! how fun! found on

and one of the most bright and happy posters i have seen in quite some time. found on calameo

buzzzzzzie bees!

spring time is a when all the bees are busy buzzing about! their yellows are bright like the sun and their blacks show their coolness while flying around. 

bees be with you!

    little alone bee found on etsy by pent water paper, busy little bees found on jessika voni's blog, dart bees found a french freelance illustrator Jean-sébastien Deheegerfive bees buzzing around graphic flora not available for sale anymore but nonetheless found on etsy willow eyes, big bee vinyl stickers found on etsy gig art, bees in a bento box found on a japanese recipe website


meooow! CUTIE CATS ~part 1~

let's explore cats ~ meooow!

a creature usually fluffy and quiet but can be full of character! kittens, fat cats, those with big eyes and sweet smiles are the cutest but especially those drawn with a human trait. enjoy! and please share more cutie cats you know or comment on these ones below the credits.  

black and white cat found on a russian website featuring tons of other cats (some cute and others not quite as cute), ten cats balancing on a girl's head by joy ang and to discover more of her artwork on her website, cat pattern and cat riding on a dog by jillian phillips, cat pattern on graph paper background by carrie lewis hailing from the uk, cats riding on a bike and chilling out in a suitcase with a girl found on anita media's illustration blog (must see more of her wonderful illustrations!) and alex frank's big eyed cats.


Source: topsites://

cutie clouds


don't let rainy days bring you down, there are many ways to brighten up a cloudy day!


happy clouds decal from graphic spaces (no longer available but there are similar graphics available), little cloud lamp by friends with you, kawaii cloud sweats for boys found on just by manon from the netherlands, clouds thundering pattern found on hannah radenkova's blog, clouds in my cocoa photo posted on the farm chicks, pink cloud mobile found on dawanda made by the butter flying~ a canadian (woot, woot!), raindrops and clouds from zu and embroidery hoop rain cloud by a bit of pilli pilli.