meooow! CUTIE CATS ~part 1~

let's explore cats ~ meooow!

a creature usually fluffy and quiet but can be full of character! kittens, fat cats, those with big eyes and sweet smiles are the cutest but especially those drawn with a human trait. enjoy! and please share more cutie cats you know or comment on these ones below the credits.  

black and white cat found on a russian website featuring tons of other cats (some cute and others not quite as cute), ten cats balancing on a girl's head by joy ang and to discover more of her artwork on her website, cat pattern and cat riding on a dog by jillian phillips, cat pattern on graph paper background by carrie lewis hailing from the uk, cats riding on a bike and chilling out in a suitcase with a girl found on anita media's illustration blog (must see more of her wonderful illustrations!) and alex frank's big eyed cats.


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